Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mainstay is BACK BABY!

What up everyone?

We are back in the studio - back Minneapolis - back to the future...of Mainstay. That made no sense.

BUT - we ARE back. After being on the road with The Afters for 5 weeks, and then some one-offs, and the almighty GMA week in Nashville, we are finally back home making the rest of this record and let me tell you, we are STOKED.

We have been tracking electric guitars and some keys and pads, and it is going really well.

With a random twist toward the middle of the project, we decided to go back and record 4 BRAND NEW songs we just finished! HA! Didn't expect us to pull that one on you, did ya?

Now that we are back, we are going to keep posting pics and info on here every other day or so, so keep checking back cuz this is when the record gets good! All the "ear candy" (musician term for special little musical flavors produced by random guitar, keys, loops, pads, xylophones, shakers, tambourines, flutes, accordians, french horns, and 50 year old synthesizers) is going to start coming out now, so these are FUN TIMES! Are you excited?!?!?! .....no? Well can you PRETEND you are excited? YES!!!! SWEET!

love you all