Sunday, March 4, 2007

Dan's tattoo! Oh yah...and some studio stuff

Hey everybody! We are hard at work here in the studio - we are into everyone’s favorite part of the record - tracking electric guitars! We pulled out a huge arsenal of pedals and amps and are SUUUUPER stoked on the tones we are getting.

This week we also finished the first batch of 8 demos with drums, bass, acoustics, a basic electric part, and a scratch vocal. We are bouncing them off of the powers that be in hopes of picking a first single for radio - exciting!

Also, Dan got a KILLER tattoo on his leg - check it out!

It hurt really badly but Dan-o sat like a champ and made it happen.

This week we head out on tour with The Afters and Our Heart's Hero - so check out our myspace and come out to a show! We would love to hang with you and shoot the breeze.


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Emily said...

props Dan! awesome tattoo and probably worth the wait and horrific pain. (: [jk] love ya guys! YSIC Em of MN