Monday, February 19, 2007

Mainstay Studio Updatementfulness - 2.19.07


Dan is hard at work. Bass is getting finished for the first batch of songs today and it sounds great! We are all super stoked as we hear these songs coming together...the tones are PHENOMENAL. Luke Fredrickson (our producer) is a great engineer and has been doing an amazing job of capturing drum and bass tones - he has been producing/engineering for about 5 years and this is only the beginning of his promising career in music.

We take off tomorrow to play a few shows in the midwest and then we will hop right back in the studio for another week. Then guess what we will be moving on to...GUITARS!!!! HOORAY!

It will be time for Scott and myself to start shredding. Nonstop. Constant 80’s guitar solos on most of these songs. It just feels right. Break out the whammy bar. Dust off those old Steve Vai VHS tapes. We are going to fingertap until the cows come home. And oh....they will come home. Just you wait.

Stay Tuned!



Darren said...


Are you guys going to have a ton of piano and strings on this album? I think you should.

Caitlin said...

Minnesota is a great place. I wish I still lived there. Hopefully when you guys are all done with your new record you can come out and play in Washington again!