Thursday, February 15, 2007

St. Valentine's Day means bass tracking in the land of Mainstay

Mainstay Studio 2.14.07

Today is St. Valentine’s Day! Or as some of us like to call it...National Loneliness Day. I think I need to track down that St. Valentine and ask him how he achieved sainthood.

Drum tracking is done! Ryan knocked out all the drum tracks and we are moving on to bass guitar! Hoo-ray! Dan finished 2 bass tracks yesterday and is cruising through more today.

We have 13 songs done on drums so far, and might even track a few more later in the process...we want to have a ton to choose from, and even more so, we want to have the RIGHT songs on this record.

More importantly, and extremely sadly, Mainstay has officially left Silver Lake Road. As of Jan. 1st, Mainstay moved out of our “band house” up to a northern suburb of Minneapolis. We were sad to leave our old place where we have many, many memories after living there for 4 years. But don’t let that fool you...we will still make many-a-trip...DOWN SILVER LAKE.

Stay tuned! More to come! Sharp broadcast! Lotta hustle on the floor...really liked it


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David Malcolm said...

Hey guys, just wanted to say I love your work. I picked up Well Meaning Fiction this spring, which was a great album. Actually when I got kicked out of my Church (sr. pastor didn't like knowing that his kids absolutely adored their favourite youth sponsor, who he found out that year was gay... woops) it really helped me get through a lot of stuff. iTunes says I've listened to it around 70ish times :)
I look forward to the new album.